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Deciding where to have dinner before the Big Bang concert began was a no-brainer. For my friends and I, it had to be BonChon.

For one, it was located at the Ground Floor, South Wing of Mall of Asia - just a stone's throw away from the MOA Arena where the concert was to be held. Also, it's a franchise of Korean origin. And you very well know how biased I am for anything Korean, just like most Kpop fans out there.

The place was actually teeming with VIPs that night. And by VIPs, I mean fans of Korean boy group Big Bang. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the crowd. By the time we found vacant seats, all I wanted to do was dig in to these chicken wings.
Wings Ricebox, Php 145.
The Wings Ricebox includes a regular soda (or iced tea), white rice, and four pieces of chicken wings. Yes, four - because the wings are smaller than the usual, and one or two pieces would not be enough to satisfy one's hunger.
Soy garlic, yum!
I ordered the Soy Garlic flavor, which is a blend of sweet, salty, and savory. Definitely savory. I love the crispiness of the skin the most. Paper-thin in texture with just the right crunch, this is what you get with twice-cooked chicken - the best chicken wings in the planet. (Mind you, this is not a sponsored post.)

BonChon also serves beef and fish dishes, some of which include Beef Bulgogi and Fish Taco. Also on the menu are Kimchi Coleslaw (pickled cabbage with the traditional flavors of kimchi) and Chapchae (sweet potato noodles stir-fried in sesame oil with beef and vegetables), and the infamous KoYo, or Korean yogurt.
Decisions, decisions.
BonChon now has over thirty branches in the country, and several more around the globe, including New York, San Francisco, Boston, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Singapore. How I wish they'd open a branch in Laguna soon! The nearest from my place would be the Alabang Town Center branch, which isn't exactly near considering the almost two-hour drive to get there. 

Anyhow, here are the happy campers during the Big Bang Alive Tour Manila, which I will spazz about in the next entry. Haha!
L-R: Our maknae Coeli, Human Heart Nature girl Angel,
the ultimate fangirl  Issa (she stalked UKISS all the way to Clark lol),
my godsister, colleague, better friend Fides, and your favorite Noona, me! :)
Where to find BonChon?

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  1. I love bonchon! Aside from the chicken, i like the fish and fries and japchae :) i prefer spicy than soy garlic hehehe

  2. Sure does look delicious!!! What a teaser! I love your hair in the picture with the "happy campers" ;-)

  3. I really love BonC CHon chicken.. i wish I have time to watch bigbang's concert. im just too busy with my stuff O_o

  4. oooh, i want to try them! got to check out the links ... love that last shot, so cute! ;)

    thanks so much for playing again, Czjai
    happy weekend!

  5. Friends you love, food you love and music you love, doesn't get much better than that, right? :)

  6. OHMY... Yum! That looks incredibly delicious...

    And it looks like you girls had lots of fun!

  7. I love anything with soy and garlic..... And it is so nice that you had all your girls around you to enjoy.... Food and my girlfriends... nothing better in life than that!

  8. Wow! everything sounds so good! And I would love the crunchy crispy wings that way, too. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  9. I love eating at bonchon since their chicken really taste so good and is really spicy.

  10. Too bad they are not in Utah... I will have to watch out for them in my travels. :)

  11. It was love at first taste for me and Bonchon. I couldn't get enough of the soy chicken. I just had to have an extra helping of rice :)

  12. The Wings Ricebox is one of my fav thing there!!!!


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