Firmoo for Me! (And you, too!)

When I received an email from Antonio of Firmoo asking if I'd be interested on a collaboration, I didn't have to think twice about my answer. In a flurry, I sent my response, agreeing to the pitch. And why not? Firmoo, after all, is the world's most popular online eyeglass store.

On top of that, I get to receive a free pair of glasses, whose style and color I had the luxury to choose. Limiting my selection to just one pair was actually hard when you have more than 300 styles to choose from. Prescription glasses for both men and women, as well as Rx sunglasses, bifocals, and even progressive eyewear can all be found at the Firmoo online store. After hours of poring over the glasses and spectacles, I finally settled on a pair of burgundy Rx sunglasses, which I thought would make a great addition to my growing eyewear collection.

My parcel from Firmoo arrived the other day, and boy, I sure was right about the sunglasses being great!

Style  #OTO2513
Oversized, but not quite, this nearly-square frame fits my face just right. Not too snug to create marks on the bridge of my nose, and neither too loose to make them slide each time I look down.

The metal pieces on the front arm add a nice, dainty accent to the chic and stylish frame.

The lenses, meanwhile, are tinted to my liking. I really hate it whenever I wear sunglasses that make the surroundings look too orange, or too purple. Trust me, I have the likes of those in my collection.

This pair came with a plastic case, a cleaning cloth, a pouch, some spare screws, and a screwdriver that you can also use as a keychain.

My only gripe with this product is the plastic case. For some reason, mine wouldn't shut tight and close properly. Even the pouch's string is a little too lose.

Vision, fashion, and affordability are the three aims of Firmoo, and I sure achieved it with this fine pair. Priced at $42, this style comes in two other colors - green and purple.

As a treat to first-time customers, Firmoo is offering a free eyewear trial. Customers get to choose their own pair of glasses, use the discount voucher (equivalent value to the glasses selected) upon check-out, pay for the shipping fee only, and then wait for the item to be delivered. Shipping is fast, and yes, they ship worldwide, too.

Finally, this is how my 'rose-colored glasses' look like when worn. Eye love! :)

*Disclaimer: I received the aforementioned product for free as part of the 'Free Eyewear' program. However, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


  1. A lady who works with my husband shops Firmoo. She has almost 100 pairs of glasses -- to match her almost 100 pairs of shoes! YIKES!

  2. "Eye Love" I love that. :)

    I haven't heard of the company, but I like the metal embellishments on the side and you look great in these!

  3. Hmm looks good might give Firmoo a try :) I like the color and the frame bagay :)

  4. New product line for me. I'll let my wife peep on your post. BTW, you look great wearing this 'rose-colored glasses'.

  5. As a self-proclaimed sunglasses junkie I must ask you not to let me go to the website! I have like 50 pairs, in all colors (most black though) and styles and I just keep buying them..... This shop would be my end!! lol!

  6. Stylish glasses and it's free, what can you ask more. Firmoo has been aggressively promoting through social media.

  7. looks good on you dear!! i love the colours and over all designs are good! xx

  8. I have firmoo eyeglasses too and I love them! I want more. Lol!

  9. I also received an email from Firmoo but I didn't reply pa because I thought you have to pick up the package in the post office. So, just for clarification, was it delivered to your doorstep? Did you pay for any surcharge?


  10. I love Firmoo! :) I received mine last July... Too bad this one isn't available when I was asked to choose what I want! Its very pretty!


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