Fangirl Chronicles | Super Junior + Park Yoochun + Big Bang.

Amidst the brouhaha that is the Big Bang Alive Tour in Manila, the fact still stands that I am first and foremost, a Super Junior fangirl.

Today was a good day to stay at home (no classes today for the little man) and receive my shipment from YesAsia firsthand. Inside the package was my copy of Sexy, Free, and Single version B. And just my luck, I got a Teukie photocard!

My fellow Nappeun Yeoja and SuJu fangirl Liz tells me this is a sign that I should pay more attention to Teukie, who will be enlisted in the military soon. He is actually my first bias in the group, but lately I only have eyes for Siwon.

And you really can't blame me for that. I mean, look at those chocolate abs! :)

Speaking of Siwon, I finally got to watch Skip Beat, in between the currently airing Kdramas that I'm also watching (online) right now. And at last, he has found his way to SM City San Pablo, together with Donghae.

My little man is an ELF, too!

Yes, they're Bench endorsers, and from what I've heard from Mr. Ben Chan - owner and founder of Bench - the boys are coming to Manila next month.

Excited? You bet I am!!!
Must. See. Siwon. Must. Must. Must!

Picture bomb smiling from behind! Haha!
Or else I'd be singing to the tune of Sorry, Sorry, just like last January when he flew all the way to Manila without prior notice. Siwonnie, I need two weeks notice at least, arassoyo

Anyhoo, my Radish Doll also made it to my doorstep today. If you're a JYJ fan or have watched The Rooftop Prince, then I'm sure you know who Radish Doll is. Pig Rabbit now has someone to keep him company.

Radish Doll + Pig Rabbit = kyeopta :)
My Big Bang Alive Tour Lightstick came in today, too. And guess what? I still don't have tickets yet!

Of all the days that my internet connection had to conk out, it had to be on the first selling day of the Alive Tour tickets. Talk about irony and sheer bad luck! The VIP seats are all sold-out since Saturday night, and so are most of the Lower Boxes. Now I really have no choice but to go for the Upper Box. But not General Admission, please!

I'll see what I can do tomorrow, when I go to SM and purchase my concert tickets from here. I hope it won't be as painstaking as last Saturday, when VIPs had to stand in a queue for hours just to buy tickets for the concert.

The little man wants to watch the concert, too.

If only I could take him along, I would. And if only the ticket prices won't cost me my arm and leg! :)


  1. I like these blues; thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Hi there! Stopping by from the mom blog hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  3. I don't know much about kpop but darn they're so gwapo ;))


  4. I'm going to watch bigbang's concert too in my country~ ^^ I hope you can get your ticket soon~ Your little boy is really cute~

  5. Sama ako! visiting from Blue Monday.

    My BLUE post, come and see when you get a chance.

  6. the only person I know that was a huge fan of SJ is my 8 yr old son he loves all their music because of game iDate

  7. Ang cute naman ni little man on the third photo. Sanay na mag pose ah!


  8. I'm not really into K-Pop but I love Korean teleseryes.

  9. Oh! So they're from Super Junior pala! :) Sorry I'm from another planet. haha!

  10. You had me at chocolate abs! Haha! I'm not a fan but hey they're really cute ha!

  11. Ah, sila palang yung gwapings na poster sa bench.. hehehe.. cute at gwapo nga mostly ang super junior.. I like their dance moves..from Wednesday white visit..

  12. You are such a fan of this band, sis!! again, you got me curious! i love that smile of your young man... he's like saying, "mom, can you take me along?" hehe.. here for WW, hope you could visit me at

  13. your son looks like one of the model Sis :-) he is a cutie :-) Dropping by from last weeks Wednesday Whites :-)

  14. OMG, loving the blog! I love how you are a SuJu fangirl too! Woot!~ I be following you now! (You got me at "Oh Micky, you're so fine") ^0^

  15. Hi Saloni! Nice meeting you! :)


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