Sunday Shuttering | Guavas and Oranges.

I was supposed to be working on a review of Innisfree's Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, but my neurons don't seem to be working at the moment. You see, the little man and I have been under the weather lately - he's got cough and colds, while I'm down with the sniffles.

Right now, we're both under medication, drinking lots of water, and packing up on Vitamin C as much as we can.

Yue loves oranges - which is good, because he gets just the more than enough Vitamin C that his body needs. A medium-sized orange contains 70mg Vitamin C, while the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C for Yue's age is 25mg per day.

On the other hand, women my age are recommended to consume at least 75mg of Vitamin C daily.

Guavas are the richest source of Vitamin C, as it boasts of 188mg per half cup. That's more than twice of a thirty-year-old woman's RDA!

I'm munching on these guava slices as I write, and I do hope for my sniffles to go away real soon.
There's too much to do at home, and I really hate it when I'm down with the sickness like this.


  1. My son loves orange too.. hahaha we here have colds too and cough.. because of the weather.. it changes often.. and I hate it. now here in cebu, super ulan.. d na carry may baby pa naman ako. :( Well, i hope all of us will get better soon.. :)

  2. I hope you son is ok na. Me too my daughter has colds nga e. Ganyan talaga ang mga mommy ina ung nerbyos kapag sick ang mga anak.

    I love Guavas, specially the if it has vinegar or just salt. yum...

  3. I love oranges but I think I should learn to eat guava. XD

  4. I love oranges and guavas too <3 It is really healthy :)

  5. I love oranges and guavas too :) It is really healthy :)

  6. Hoping that you and your son are feeling better na. I had a flu, but i'm somehow recovering already. Anyway, I love oranges and guavas! :D Wish I can eat some right now.

  7. I love fruits. Kahit ano pa yan. Yomyomyom!!

    Rizza (beingwell)

  8. honestly didnt know that guavas are also high in vit c! omg i need vit c overload too right no, look at the weather :s

  9. I sure hope you and your little guy are feeling better now. So sorry to hear you were sick. I had no idea that Guava's were such a rick source of Vitamin C. That's good to know!!!

    Thanks for linking up your photo to Oh Snap!shots of the Week. I apologize for not posting the party last week and leaving you hanging. This week's party is now up though if you'd like to link up. :)

  10. i do love eating guavas too and orange is always a fave. thanks for sharing, been lazy since i arrived from Manila. hope you can join this week green monday.


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