Spotlight | Human Nature Kiddie Sanitizers.

Aside from the usual contents of any mommy's handbag (wallet, coin purse, mobile phone/s, a vanity kit, a set of extra clothes + towels for the little man, and a keyring full of keys) there is one other thing I can't leave home without.

Actually make that two things I can't leave home without.

Good, clean, fun!
Human Nature Kiddie Sanitizers!

Made with ethyl alcohol (sugar-cane derived), water, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, and fragrance, these handbag staples are 100% natural and absolutely chemical-free! Nothing but tender-loving care for our precious little ones!

Available in two scents - Bubbly Gum and Candy Cane - these triclosan-free sanitizers are meant to be sprayed not just on hands, but also on toys, table tops and other surfaces, and even toilet seats.

Yue's favorite Bubbly Gum...

... and my choice of Candy Cane!

They smell sweet and wonderful that they make great air fresheners, too!

Human Nature Kiddie Sanitizers are currently on sale at Php 64.75 each. These can be bought online, through dealer networks, or at branches within your area.

Now here's the best part. I'm giving away one bottle of each variant along with several other Human Nature baby care products in my ongoing Baby Bundle Giveaway! You may cast your entries here for a chance to win the kiddie sanitizers plus a loot of Human Nature baby care products. One lucky reader takes all! This giveaway is open worldwide, and will run until April 15 EST.

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  1. I just wish that Human Nature will be available also in all Watsons and HBC nationwide. By the way where is HN originate?

  2. wow.. cool! :D and it's not that expensive at all <3 I wanna join your giveaway.. but I suck at giveaways :(

  3. wow.. cool! :D and it's not that expensive at all <3 I wanna join your giveaway.. but I suck at giveaways :(

  4. I haven't tried this one yet but Im having second thoughts there are alot of people who' saying that it's a good one

  5. are you kidding me? soo cuties, and affordable! perfect for kids

  6. oh, same here. i thanked heavens for the creation of handy sanitizers:) i wouldn't leave home without it:)

    found u via fbu. come visit me soon. thanks.

  7. I love Human Nature products. They all smell soooo good. :D

  8. Thanks for sharing this.. I'll try this product soon!!

  9. those products are really cute Sis and definitely your son needs those sanitizer to keep his hands germs free.

  10. I have never seen this product before.would be nice to win some. Happy Easter and Pink Saturday.thanks for a chance to win

  11. I bet that smells good!

    Hope you'd come and see my Easter craft, you can link too if you like at my meme. Happy Easter.

  12. Your son is very lucky, alagang alaga.

    Happy Easter from my family to yours!

    My PINK

  13. i am so interested i hope i win the give away

  14. I wonder if its available here in my place, Dropping by for Pink Fridays, I hope you could dropped by at and show some love...

    btw, I dropped ecc as well

  15. Hello everyone!

    Thank you for all the great comments. Hope you joined my giveaway, too.

    Human Nature is proudly Philippine-made, with ingredients organically grown here in the Philippines. :)

  16. love the pink color Sis :-) perfect for a hands germs free :-) Dropping by from PF


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