Eating Healthy, Eating Happy | Copy-Kids DVD Review + Giveaway!

The opportunity to do this review couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. You see, my son will formally start school in June (right now he's actually enrolled in a four-week School Readiness Program), and I'm worried that the new environment and the drastic change in our daily schedule might affect his present eating habit.

My three-year old was never a picky eater. He likes fruits, eats vegetables (save for bitter gourd, which I myself do not even eat!), and absolutely loves fish! Between a T-bone steak and St. Peter's fish (that's tilapia in the Philippines), he'd take the latter any day. Any given day.

However, he could be singing to a different tune once he goes to school. After all, not many kids eat fruits, vegetables, or fish. I know some of his classmates at the School Readiness Program have junk food in their lunchboxes; saw it for myself a few days ago, when I entered the classroom to bring my son his snack. The little girl sharing the table with him was having a soda and Cheese Curls, and I was quite surprised to see her snacking on junk food so early in the morning (that was around 9:15 am)! This bothered me. A lot.

But just like a superhero making a mad dash for the damsel in distress, my parcel from Copy-Kids arrived at my doorstep last Friday.

My son and I watched the video together, and it was such a joy seeing those kids devour fruits and vegetables with such gusto! With a total running time of 115 minutes, this video is divided into twelve chapters, with each chapter highlighting one fruit or vegetable. Shown on this video are the following fruits and vegetables:

Bell Pepper | Carrots | Raspberries | Brocolli | Bananas | Strawberries | Tomatoes | Cucumber | Oranges | Avocado | Apples | Blueberries 

Moments into the tomato part and my son rushes into the kitchen, opens the fridge, and peers into the vegetable drawer to see if we still have tomatoes in stock. He loves tomatoes to begin with, and he wanted to 'eat with the kids on the video'. He did the same thing when the oranges and the apples came into focus. Good thing I always have a few pieces stashed in the fridge. 

Now mind you, this isn't a scripted production. Because even if it is, you certainly can't make a toddler eat cucumber or brocolli with a smile on the face if he or she is unwilling. And that is what I love the most about this video. It has a lot of heart and sincerity to it. It teaches kids how to eat healthy by showing them how other kids do it. After all, kids learn best from example.

The Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD retails for $19.95 and ships for free within the United States. But as a treat to my dear readers and fellow mommies, Copy-Kids is giving away a copy of this DVD for FREE! One lucky winner will have the chance to watch and enjoy this fun-filled and innovative video together with his/her kids, right in the comforts of their own home!

Join the Copy-Kids DVD Giveaway by sending in entries through the Rafflecopter below. 
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Good luck! :)

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  1. i play games with my child for him to eat fruits and veggies.

  2. I don't have a child yet but I will definitely consider this. :-)

  3. I love kids you who eat fruits and vegetables. When I was young, I puked whenever I ate meat because I didn't like it. I liked junk food too but I often snacked on tomatoes and fruits. :) Glad there's a show that encourages kids to eat their fruits and veggies. They need it :D

  4. This looks like a great video! You did a really nice job writing it up.

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  6. This is interesting :) Might also consider it for my kiddo.

  7. My youngest who is 11 still has tons of trouble eating properly.

  8. Yes. My 3 year old son is a picky eater and has a small appetite and up to now i still don't know what great methods will i introduce my son for him to eat vegetables and fruits although he eats some vegetables/fruits i only wish that when he grow up he will understand and know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables to our body. I really needed this video it would be a big help for me and for some mommy out there who has a little picky-eater. Thanks.

  9. I wish to have a copy of this badly needed for my 3 year old son although he eats vegetables/fruits/fish he still needs to eat a lot after all he only choses what he wants to eat and not the required amount for his needs and this bother me a lot as a full time mom. If i can't win this, i still want to own this if only they can ship it here in the Philippines. ;)

  10. Well, this is one DVD my son must see coz he doesn't eat veggies and fruits!

  11. this is a lot of help for mommies to help their child/ren enjoy eating veggies...i'll tell this to my BFF...

  12. my son is not really a picky eater but I have to teach him to eat more fruits and some other vegetables. I would just say that it is his favorite when he was younger and he would try eating it.

  13. my son is a picky eater and i think i've tried all techniques but it didn't work, i hope this dvd will help me. i hope i win. =)

  14. You're lucky that your son is not a picky eater. While my son eats everything we give him during meal time, there are certain foods that he doesn't like to try, and many of those are fruits. Here's my MM entry:

  15. That's a nice stuff to watch with kids. My daughter used to eat good but when she started school, she became picky grrr..

  16. My son is not a picky eater. He loves to eat vegetables and fruits. :)

  17. i turn fruits into shakes. :)

  18. dropped by from Mommy Moments! :)

    my kids can be picky eaters and sometimes, they do give me a headache... ! if they become picky, i actually tell them not to eat. they can't choose... so they will be hungry. i think my daughter is old enough to understand that she can't be choosy!

  19. My 5 year old son is a picky eater, i trick him to eat :D!

  20. my sons aren't really picky eaters (in fact, my eldest likes bitter gourd! lol, though my youngest doesn't), but between the two of them, it's the youngest who usually decides what he wants to eat, or not. i normally don't trick them...i just make sure i serve vegetables at least once a day and fruits are available all the time. :)
    thanks for the opp, sis!
    happy start of the week!


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