UKiss, Miss A, Big Bang | Get 'Em While They're Hot!

The KPop industry is once again filled with excitement as three of the hottest groups release their latest albums!

For KissMe's like me (surprise, I'm a UKiss fangirl!), A Shared Dream is a priority on this month's shopping list. It's UKiss' first Japanese album, and it's been making waves as soon as the MV of their single 'Forbidden Love' came out on the internet. This is a CD+DVD by the way - meaning, there's a video you can spazz on! Haha!

Miss A's fans are in for a treat as well, with the release of Touch.

And the most-awaited of them all is (drum roll, please) Big Bang's fifth mini-album! Aptly titled 'Alive', this album has been eagerly anticipated by VIPs (Big Bang's fanclub) and even non-VIPs. After all the controversies and scandals that have surrounded them for the past year, the boys return to their rightful spot in the limelight and on the KPop charts.

Big Bang Mini Album Vol. 5 - Alive

Did I get you all hyped up? Click on the white icons just below the photos and start buying these albums now! :)


  1. i bought Taeyang's version of Alive <3 i cant wait for it to arrive in the mail!!! curse being in the USA and not Seoul haha i guess patience is a virtue and this will teach me how to wait lol

  2. Where did you buy yours? I knew you'd notice this post, haha. :)

    I'm thinking of getting TOP's Alive. Although not a VIP, I am so loving Blue! It's on repeat for more than an hour on my iPod, haha! And the cover is just too edgy to go unnoticed! My cousin is a VIP, though. :)

  3. hehe anything big bang has my attention, or kpop for that matter LOL
    I bought mine of becuase they had the best deal, you can buy any of the versions and also you can get it with or without a poster. i bought mine with a poster and it ended up being $25 USD, without the poster its around $15 USD. I had cheked other sites but they were a couple dollars more expnisve

    Blue is so great!! I almost died in English class when i listened to the whole album. Blue is by far my favorite off the album, but Daesung's Wing solo is like right below it! such an amazing solo! <3


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