Trying Times, and My Breaking Heart.

For the past two months, all you've read in my blog were nothing but blithe and cheerful snippets of my daily life. Because this blog is my so-called 'happy bubble', I want all of my posts to be as upbeat and chipper as possible. However, this particular entry is the exact opposite. This time, I'm bringing in the rainclouds and thunderstorms.

The past few days have actually been very distressing. Stalin, our five year-old Shih Tzu-Poodle, has been down-and-out lately - the exact opposite of his usual active and stalwart self. He has not been eating enough since Tuesday, and yesterday until this morning, he did not eat anything at all. Even more alarming was the blood I saw in his poop. (My apologies if this grosses you out.) I called his vet right away and informed her of the situation; she asked me to bring Stalin over for a check-up or a possible confinement. I dashed to her clinic as soon as I could, even taking Yue along with me. (Oh, the pains of not having a nanny or househelp!)

One look at the furball and the vet knew that Stalin is not in a very good shape. All these years she has been used to Stalin's beaming eyes and playful bark, and today all  he gave her was a sullen look and nothing more. She took his weight, checked his vitals, and took a sample of his blood for lab testing.

Based on his drastic weight loss, jaundiced skin, and watery blood, his vet presumed this to be leptospirosis - a disease that damages the liver and the kidneys. And even before Stalin's blood sample could be sent to the lab, she already gave me a picture of what might happen next. I don't take this against her, mind you. I come from a family of nurses so I pretty much know the drill. However, it hurts pretty bad when you're hearing about someone you love.

I was holding back tears as Yue and I left the clinic. We had to leave Stalin there so he could get proper attention - IV, antibiotics, the works. Anything to make him comfortable, if not better. At this point, all I could do is expect the least and hope for the best. I'd be forever grateful if the Heavens do a miracle and heal Stalin completely. If that won't be the case (knock on wood), I pray for strength to move on and courage to accept. For someone you've loved for five years, it won't be easy.

Stalin at seven months old. Also his first Christmas.
As of this writing, it's confirmed. It's leptospirosis. I hear the sound of my heart breaking.


  1. So sorry!! Pets are family members in our home so it is always hard to have them leave us!! I will be praying for you!!

  2. I am so sorry. It is so hard to see a loved one suffer.

  3. be strong sis.. kaya mo yan. will pray for you and Stalin :(

  4. I feel you, and I'm so sorry to hear about her situation. I remember when maddy leave us,it was so painful. Hang in there!

  5. am so sorry...i hope and pray that he'll get well soon!

  6. OMG.... I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm a little touchy with the subject myself, I once had a very loved pet Tazzie. I miss her so dearly.

    Hope everything goes well with Stalin.

  7. awww. :( felt the same way too when our dog suddenly dies few years ago.. hope your doggie feels better soon!

  8. Thank you, my dear friends. The fact that you stopped by to read this particular post is comfort for me. I am hoping that Stalin would pull through and get better in the coming days. He is named after a strong revolutionary, after all.

  9. Aww, I just had a friend lose her dog a few days ago that they'd had for a long time... so sad. Sometimes expecting the worst but hoping for the best is all you can do.

  10. Ahhh:) this is not good new, but you have him in food hands with your vet! prayers be with Stalin!!
    A teeny bit if a smile, Im following you great blog!! When you have time please stop by
    Hope you have good news, Karren

  11. Thanks Karen and Susie... paid a visit on your blogs. :)

  12. I feel you sis ... :( Got teary-eyed while reading your post. Our first ever pet dog also left us last 2012. For me, he's very special because I really am not a dog lover, but got married to one and when he got him as a pup and he ran at me with those cute eyes, I was captivated and fell in love with our Shih Tzu. Kids are requesting for a new dog but I don't think if I can learn to love another pup...


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