Pink and Peach Valentines Treat | Hopping for Your Honey Giveaway Hop!

It's been two months since I went back to blogging, and those two months have been very wonderful. Not only have I gained new friends and followers, I've also been featured in several blogs, memes, and communities. I've won some awesome prizes in the giveaways that I've joined, too.


In light of Valentines Day, I want to share the blessings by doing my very own giveaway. I'm quite excited to do this, but nervous at the same time, too! (I spent about two hours just tinkering with the Rafflecopter widget, lol!) Prizes at stake is a Pink and Peach Valentines Treat which includes some of my favorite beauty products.

2 Human Nature Tinted Lip Balms.
1 Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss.

1 Human Nature Mineral Blush.

1 Marks & Spencer Essential Extracts Hand & Body Lotion  in White Peach & Almond.

1 Bath & Body Works PocketBac in PB & J.

1 Avon ExtraLasting Liquid Eyeliner in Black.

1 Avon SuperCurlacious Waterproof Mascara in Black.

Giveaway runs from February 1 until February 14, and is open to Philippine residents only. Apologies to my international friends and followers, as I can't afford to do an international contest just yet. I promise to host a giveaway for you next time.

But don't fret since my giveaway is actually part of the Hopping for your Honey Giveaway Hop hosted by Couponing and Reviewing in Texas, If Only Life Could Be That Simple, Going Crazy Wanna Go, and Whirlwind of Surprises. You can check out their blogs for a chance to win the grand prize of this giveaway hop. :)

I'd like to thank Ms. Elaine of Human Nature Laguna for sponsoring some of the prizes. My utmost gratitude goes out to you and the entire Human Nature family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support! 

And now, let the fun begin! Best of luck, and much love!
Cast your entries in the Rafflecopter below. :)
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  1. Great giveaway!
    Lani Derrick

  2. oh fun stuff, thanks so much!!

    -Lauren Becker
    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  3. new follower of your blog
    now follow my blog

  4. thanks for the giveaway


    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

  5. Great Giveaway too bad I can't enter, from US. Following from Voiceboks, HodgePodge group.

  6. Wish I could enter :) Visiting from VB!

  7. my favorite memory would have to be when this guy who "courted me" walked me home from a HS field trip hihi landiiii :D may flower pa.
    Kumiko Mae

  8. My favorite memory would have to be a dinner date with my husband with candle light.

    Anne Thompson

  9. What's your favorite memory of Valentines Day?

    My fave memory for valentine's was when my crush for like 3 yrs talked to me and then we started getting to know each other.. super kilig.. but the sad part was when we got to know each other we realized we were better as friends..

  10. Congrats on your success since you've been back! And good luck doing your first giveaway. Great prizes!

  11. looks like your giveaway is off to a great start!!!!

  12. awesome giveaway. hope i can win this. i love when my boyfriend surprise me with his gift. small but i think its sweet:)

    Rachel Canales

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  14. These look really awesome, dear :) I'm not a make-up person, though.. :)

  15. I'd like to give the human nature lip gloss a a try. :-) The colors suit me.

  16. My favorite memory of Valentine is some years ago...I had the chance to hang out with my best friend who I rarely see now. :-(

  17. Oh dear, sorry I forgot to leave my other details.

    Aileen (

  18. Haaay, not a fan of V day though...

  19. Valentine memory ---

    Getting a big kiss and hug from my pretty and adorable daughter!

    (So everyday is Valentine's Day for me.. hehehe ;)


  20. My favorite Valentine memory is from when I was 12. My parents bought me a beautiful puppy for V-Day. When I was picked up from school, I opened the car door and there was my little fluff ball sitting on my chair. Best gift ever. My little guy passed away a little more than a year ago... But he brought me a lot of happiness for 16 years.

    Dominique (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)
    couponcookie at gmail dot com

  21. my favorite memory is to spend it with my single friends. we treated ourselves for a dinner or we travel abroad/local!

  22. Wow, looks like great products for the giveaway. Wish I could enter! :) Have a blessed weekend.


  23. A perfect day with Abdel :)

    Algene C.

  24. I don't really have a fav memory. Any day with the family is special!

    I tried subscribing to emails and it says they are not enabled.

    Trasina McGahey
    trasinalm at gmail dot com


  25. Hello Trasina!

    Sorry about that, I fixed the widget and you may now subscribe via email.

    Thanks for joining!

  26. my favorite valentine's memory is the year my husband sent a balloon gorilla gram to my work. It was hysterical and so sweet.

    Jude Skocki Kelly
    myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

  27. There was a time when my husband surprised me w a romantic meal at the best restaurant in town. Thank you


  28. My favorite valentine's day memory is when my husband went out and bought everything pink and "valentiny" possible and brought it to myself and our daughter

  29. A surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to my office. Jessica B - jessyisawinner(at)gmail(dot)com

  30. Getting flowers sent to work :)

    Brianne Libby

  31. favorite memory...

    receiving cassava cake from hubby (who was then my boyfriend). LOL

    name: maiylah
    email add: myla (dot) dvm @ gmail (dot) com

  32. A month before my fiance died, he brought home a teddy bear & a box of candy!! He was not very demonstrative, so this was a big deal, plus it was the last thing he ever gave me!!!

  33. I liked receiving a giant frog balloon 2 years ago. It was the cutest balloon I ever saw.

  34. I got engaged on Valentine's Day!
    Thanks :)
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  35. Last year was my favourite because really that's about the only one I remember. The then S/O gave me flowers and we went out to dinner with his 13 yo son. It was fun.
    fromfurrin at gmail dot com

    ---Vicki Vix on R/c form

  36. My favorite memory of Valentine's Day would be dinner date and flowers sent by the boyfriend. ;)

    name: Charlene B.

  37. Q: What's your favorite memory of Valentines Day?

    A: Last feb 14, my bf wasn't here in P.I. but he made sure that I'll be receiving bouquet of tulips, chocolates and asked his brother to buy me boxes of pizza. LOL. I think that his plan to surprise me though he's not physically here is very memorable. BTW, he's here in P.I. 'til March 1 so I think my best valentines day is yet to come! Weee. :)

  38. I think my favorite time was when I was in grade school. The excitement of passing out valentines especially if there was someone you likd.

  39. My favorite memory of Valentines Day is when my three children took me out to dinner!


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