Macro is Love!

If we're friends on Facebook, or if you've seen my portfolio, then you're pretty much aware of my love affair with macro photography. This fascination I owe to the point-and-shoots that I'm using right now - Finn and Santana. (Yes, I name my gadgets. Because I'm weird like that. Haha!)

Finn is a Fuji Finepix J150w, which I got two years ago. It's a 10 megapixel camera with a 5x wide angle zoom lens, and has about 20 different shooting modes. It's not the most outstanding camera in its league, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. (I got this as a gift, you see.)

Santana, on the other hand is my Sony Ericsson Satio - which is actually, a smartphone. It boasts of a 12.1 megapixel camera (eat your heart out, Nokia!) with 15 different shooting modes, including panorama, BestPic, and face detection. I bought this in early 2010, with the camera being my main reason for buying it.

Having a well-tended garden at home worked to my advantage. With blooming flowers and lush greens, I had an array of subjects to draw inspiration from and take pictures of. And these sparked my interest and penchant for macro shots.

This was one of the very first photos I took using macro.

Pink cattleya orchids.
We've got a bunch of orchids in our garden, because my grandmother loves them. A lot.

White cattleyas.
They come in all shape and sizes, too.

Yellow 'dancing ladies'.

Same goes for the bougainvilleas.

Pinks and whites.
But this color is my favorite.

Now these shots I love the most. 

Pink plumeria.
I love taking photos after a drizzle. 

No roses, just leaves. And water droplets.

And I love taking photos of plants whose names I don't even know.

Garden shrub with red berries.

The garden even makes a great background for photo ops.

January 2011.
On Yue: Rasta hat from Baguio, Polo shirt and shorts from Greendog, Team Italy World Cup Havaianas. 
You can also find these photos (and more) on my photo blog.

Everything's captured with just a point-and-shoot, baby! :D

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  1. beautiful shots sis! love the orchids.

    Im here for Wednesday whites!
    Assorted Cards
    New Year's Banner
    My Companion

  2. very pretty flowers, loved them :-) visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. aww i super love makro too but i cant find my canon that has a superb super makro feature. close up w nature is always the best though :D

  4. oh by the way i got the face masks from SM Watsons :D

  5. Wow, those photos are so gorgeous. I also love that you name your gadgets. My husband thought I was strange to name my Kitchenaid mixer. It's time to get out my camera and get familiar with it again.

  6. Such pretty flowers in your garden! I'm in love with my camera too - just a point and shoot, and have found that it does a really good job for most things - so handy when you're out and about.
    Thanks for sharing your pics,
    Kristina :)

  7. Your garden is gorgeous. Those photos are great. My camera is older and since I don't really know how to use it, 50% of my photos come out blurry.

  8. Gorgeous flowers... nice shots collection..

  9. Hi Emz! Thanks for the compliment.

    Hopped over to your blogs... I loved your companion most of all. :)

  10. Hi Mae!

    Haven talaga ang Watson's. Haha! I'll try to look for those masks next time I go to SM.

    Thanks thanks! :D

  11. Hi Pam!

    My husband used to think it was weird, too. Especially when he learned that three of my other phones are named Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth. LOL.

    But I guess after all those years together, he's gotten used to my eccentricity. :D

  12. Hi Kristina!

    Yeah, compact cameras are easier to lug around compared to bulky DSLRs. Of course I don't mind if my husband buys me one, though. Haha! :D

  13. Hi Dree!

    Take time to tinker with your cam, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. I just kept on practicing taking macros until I got that one shot that satisfied me.

    Have fun with your camera! :)

  14. Hi Shahz!

    Thanks! And thanks for the visit! :)

  15. oh wow...i super LOVE taking macro shots, too (i use my canon)! same here, i also got my satio just because of the camera. lol. hmmm, i haven't thought of naming my gadgets...sounds like an interesting idea. :)

  16. what a nice flowers!!! nice shots too!..hopping by from MYM..(",)

  17. Hi Mymy!

    Our Satio is awesome no? Kaya dedma ako sa mga new phones na nire-release. They can't hold a candle against Satio when it comes to the camera. Kahit Nokia N8 (which my Mum uses), panis. :D

    Perhaps Siri could make me change my mind, though. ;)

  18. Holy cow sis, your garden must be full of butterflies too kasi ang gaganda ng mga bulaklak, thumbs up for the green thumbs!

    About Korea pala sis, we stayed there for almost two year, super duper sa ganda. You should visit there soon, I bet, you won't want to leave anymore lol. Thanks for joining CC.

  19. beautiful shots sis.. I love Macro too.. as in..

    Visiting from Wednesday White
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    Fresh From Bed

  20. I know nothing about photography but I do like the picture of the leaves with water droplets. It's poetic. :) Thanks for posting.

  21. Hi Rose!

    Naku, I really really wanna go there! So many places I wanna go to... starting with the Namsan Tower. Haha! Turistang turista ang dating. :D

    Next week Chinese New Year na naman, dami na namang Pinoy sa Everland at Lotte. :D

  22. Hi January!

    Macro is the coolest, diba? :)

    Thanks for the visit!

  23. Hi Anne!

    I'm really proud of that shot. Like I captured a fleeting moment in photos.

    Thanks for stopping by! :D

  24. pretty flowers :-) was here for WW, hope that you can return the visit too.

  25. These are just lovely! Beautiful colors! I particularly like the last one with the holding hands ;) Thanks so much for sharing at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!

  26. Thanks Kim!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. :)

  27. Thanks Breena!

    That compliment means a lot, coming from you. :)

  28. Lovely flowers..Beautiful shots!!!

    Visiting for WW! Here's my share- hope you can stop by..

  29. Hi Huda!

    Now following your blog! :D

  30. beautiful flowers, great shots too Sis :) Visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.

  31. Lovely floras!

    True indeed that a garden is a perfect background for photo op.. I like it with more greens! ;)

    Droppin' by from Pink Fridays :)

  32. very pretty flowers :-) beautiful garden too :-) visiting from Crazy Over Purple Saturdays, hope that you can return the visit too.

  33. I found your link from I Heart Macro as your pic of the flower was so pretty! I read a few of your posts - I don't know where you live, but your flowers are simply gorgeous! You don't see things like that in Northern Virginia, which is where I am from! Loved reading your previous posts, as well!

  34. Hi Jessy!

    Visited your entries already. :D

  35. Thanks Grace!

    Love that journal of yours! :D

  36. Hi Tina!

    Thanks for the visit! I'm now following your blog. :)

  37. Hi Patti!

    Thanks for visiting my site. Your comment really made me smile. :)

    I'm from the Philippines, by the way. Will post more photos like these from time to time for you to enjoy. :D

  38. Lovely flowers, awesome photography. :) thank you so much for linking up to COPS. :)

  39. great shots! i love the yellow dancing ladies the most.

    visiting from PF.

  40. Thanks Bambie!
    It's my pleasure. :)

  41. a point and shoot is great too, because i am using one din hehehe :)

    nice flower photos there!

    visiting via Mommy and Me MOnday!

    here's my entry:

    hope to see you there, thanks!

  42. Thank's for sharing all the flowers. Makes me wanna go home:( We had some of those beautiful flowers back home in pinas..

    Visiting for Pink Friday! Here' s my share-hope you can stop by:)

  43. Vhen, I never thought you were using a point-and-shoot, too! :D

  44. great shots!!

    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites! Visiting as a host and from my entry,

  45. Thanks Raya!

    Waiting for the linky to open. :)

  46. visiting from Kids' style.
    bakiy nakatalikod si Yue?? hehe. pero mukha syang interesado sa plants. very nice.

    I would like to take this chance to invite you to my weekly meme also called Daddy and me. You can post pictures of my playmates together with their Daddy or the "man" of their lives. Thank you.

  47. beautyful shots, i love the orchids, late visit for PF, i hope you can dropp by at and leave some love....

  48. Thanks redamethyst!

    Actually stolen shot yan eh. Kaya both of us were not facing the camera. :)

  49. Thanks prettymom!

    I just did! :D

  50. Great shots! All of them!!! Thanks for sharing your photos with HMA's Oh Snap!shots of the Week party. :)

  51. im back here again po :) like ko yung second to the last photo...

  52. Your macros are so beautiful! The berries are my favorite!

  53. Gorgeous flowers- my favorites are 1 &3.Love macros!

  54. The flower shots are great!

    And, loving that little rasta hat!

  55. made me remember of the orchids that my father used to grow when I was a kid. :) I love that dancing lady orchid. visiting from WW.


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