Hey, He's Mr. Simple!

After almost two months of sporting the Leeteuk hair, I've decided it was time for Yue to have his hair styled anew. So last Tuesday, we made a beeline to the barber shop before heading to the mall.

Snip snip snip!
Yue has always been this well-behaved whenever he gets his hair done - no wailing, no screaming, no temper tantrums. Which is why Manong Barbero (Mister Barber) is really fond of my little man.

I showed the barber this photo - the basis of Yue's next hairstyle.

Captain Choi!
It's Siwon, alright. From one Super Junior to another. LOL.

Mallrat with his new haircut.
I think Manong Barbero did a great job with Yue's hair.

Oh, that funny face!
Now we're both pogi (handsome) again - in a Kpop kinda way. Haha!
I wonder what Lee Jun Ki's hair will look like once he makes his comeback. And yes, you're sensing it right. That'll be Yue's next hairstyle. :)

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  1. Following back from the hop - gorgeous iccle boy you have :)

  2. Nice haircut! Oo nga, Mommy, pareho na kayong pogi. LOL! Visiting back from MM! Followed you, too. I hope you can follow back!

  3. you both look kPOP! :D so cute and cool!

    happy mommy moments :)

  4. looks great! His smilie is the best!

  5. So cute! Wish i had a little boy so i could have his hair cut like my favorite kpop men <33 hehehe
    Yue looks great with that hairstyle! (:

  6. Thanks everyone! Your comments truly make me smile. :)

  7. Pwedeng pwede poambato sa model hehehe. Lovely pics!

    Mommy Moments

  8. visiting for mommy moment, mine is up at

    I hope to see you around,,...

  9. Oh he is so handsome! I am a new follower.

  10. Thanks Victoria! Now following you, too. :)

  11. Super stylish! My girls still haven't had their hair cut!


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