It's SALE Season Again at SM Supermalls!

Wondering where to spend your Christmas money? Make your way to the nearest SM mall and enjoy huge discounts on their End of Season Sale!

It's SALE season once again!

Happening now and runs until January 15 next year. Time to bring out all those red envelopes!


  1. This is good news! Too bad, I haven't received any red envelopes last Christmas. Oh, well, I guess I just have to wait until payday so I can buy some great items on sale at SM. I'm supposed to visit for MM, but I already visited your MM entry. I forgot to leave my link to my MM entry, however. Here it is:

    I hope you can visit, too. Thanks much!

  2. It's a pity moms like us don't receive red envelopes anymore. Haha.

    My son is an Angry Birds addict! I'm sure he would have loved to be part of this birthday party. :)


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