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Why You Should Wear A Mask And How To Get Bulk Fabric Face Masks.

To wear, or not to wear? That is the question! Shakespeare would envy me for these words, wouldn’t he? Come to think of it, his “To be, or not to be?” could very well applied to the situation around the world in connection to wearing face masks. We could draw a kind of a parallel between these two sayings and make up a completely new one, sounding something like: “To wear, or not to be?” or “To be, or not to wear?”

Okay, that’s about enough of Shakespeare. We aren’t here to make a philosophy out of the question of wearing protective face masks in a situation like this. The whole world is on pins and needles and philosophy is the last thing we need right now. We need actual, concrete, and practical solutions for the issues that are bothering us and while the scientists are doing their part and researching the disease that has got us all by the neck, we might as well do our part.

Our part is, of course, to make sure that we are doing everything we can in order to stay safe and protect ourselves and our loved ones. Face masks appear to be playing a huge role in that endeavor and yet, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered when it comes to these. There are two most important questions that definitely need to be answered as soon as possible so that people actually know what to do and how to protect themselves.
Masked and bare-faced whenever I go outside - for instance, my monthly grocery run.
Should You Wear A Mask?
The first question is whether you should actually wear any masks whatsoever. Do they actually do anything to protect us from the spread of any virus out there, or are they utterly useless? Before we get to the second question, we will need to answer this one. I’ll give you a list of reasons why you should actually wear a face mask for your own protection and the protection of others. First, here is what experts have to say.

Since I understand how confused a lot of people are with the constant fuss about the purpose of the masks. One day you are advised to wear it in closed spaces, the next day you need to wear it in open, public places as well. Plus, it’s only a matter of time before you come across a self-proclaimed expert or two telling you that wearing them is completely useless and that it’s only a waste of money. I’d say it’s time to start thinking with your own head and deciding for yourself on the right move after reading a couple of reasons why this actually might be a good idea.

Your Responsibility Towards Other People
Do you really want to be one of those irresponsible people who know or suspect they are infected with the coronavirus or any other virus out there, but they aren’t doing anything to stop it from being transmitted to other people? How would you feel if you knew somebody was doing a thing like this to you, or a member of your family? I’d say you would be rather angry and, frankly, a little bit disappointed in the whole of humankind.

We are all responsible for each other in this situation and in many other situations. The shared responsibility makes us feel like we are actually making a difference by taking care of others just as much as we are taking care of ourselves. Do you know why it makes us feel this way? The answer is rather simple – because that’s the truth. We are making a huge difference by showing that we are ready to assume responsibility and do everything we can in order to protect other people, while also protecting ourselves.

The biggest issue with viruses is that they are spread so swiftly by respiratory droplets whenever you cough, sneeze, or even talk. Those droplets cannot even be seen with the bare eye, but they can be rather dangerous when coming from a person who might be infected. There is a silver lining, though. Face masks are created specifically to block those droplets from reaching other people. Think of these tools as barriers between what’s inside you and the person you are interacting with.

By wearing a face mask, you are acting as a responsible person who is aware of the danger of transmitting any droplets from one person to another, even if you aren’t infected. You want people to feel safe around you and you want them to see that you aren’t selfish and inconsiderate towards their own health. As I have already said, we are all responsible for each other and if you get yourself a face mask, you will show that you are acting in a selfless and considerate way towards other people.

Just make sure to know how to use the masks correctly, as explained by the WHO:
A pre-quarantine photo of my son,
who has been wearing face masks in public even before the pandemic.
Your Responsibility Towards Yourself 
The next logical reason why you shouldn’t avoid wearing this protective tool is because you owe that much to yourself. Just like you should be ready to think about others, you should also be ready to think about yourself, especially because you won’t have the luck of interacting only with highly considerate and respectful people. In other words, not everyone you come across will be wise enough to wear a mask.

There will always be those who don’t “believe” in the effectiveness of these tools. This is not a deity, so there’s nothing to “believe” or not to “believe” in, people. This is pure science and, by dismissing science, you are dismissing all the hard work that researchers are doing in order to keep us safe and healthy. Viruses and all kinds of diseases have been around for quite a while and most of those were eradicated thanks to those researchers and scientists, so let us not diminish their work.

I am getting a bit off-topic there, but that’s because I needed to make the absurdity behind believing or not believing perfectly clear. Of course, making that point was highly relevant for what I have to say next.

Due to some of those ignorant individuals, you won’t always have the luck of coming across people wearing masks. If you aren’t wearing one either, who knows what might happen, right? It’s best not to ever find that out.

In other words, it’s best that you always have a mask to rely on, so that you don’t have to panic and worry whenever you encounter a person who isn’t wearing one. That way, you will feel safe and you definitely owe it to yourself to stay safe. While it’s correct that other people should act responsibly as well, the harsh truth is that nobody will care about protecting you if you don’t protect yourself. Keep that in mind the next time you think of leaving your home without a mask.
Wearing masks in public is nothing new to us.
We almost always wear masks whenever we're in Korea for the winter holidays.
Your Role In Saving Lives
Believe it or not, you have a huge power to save lives even though you aren’t a doctor or any kind of a medical practitioner. The situation as it is has made us all either heroes or villains in the story written by the year of 2020 itself. Can you guess who the heroes are and who the villains might be? Isn’t the answer perfectly obvious?

Of course, I am not even going to talk about doctors, scientists, researchers, and all the people in the healthcare industry who are doing their very best to keep us healthy. I have something different in mind and that is to remind you how each and every single person on the planet Earth can play the role of either the hero or the villain in these circumstances. Do you know how?

Let’s put it this way. The primary function of face masks is to protect other people, isn’t it? By wearing it, you are playing the hero. Companies and businesses that make it their responsibility to get bulk face masks and protect their workers and their clients are also playing the heroes. Everyone who takes it upon themselves to be considerate and responsible by wearing a face mask is a hero. The villains are those who know how important these tools are and still refuse to wear them.

The time is right to decide which role you want to play. I want to believe that everyone would definitely love to be able to save at least one life with their actions. By deciding to use face masks, you will be able to indirectly save a lot more lives, including the lives of your citizens and the lives of people living on a completely different continent. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that?
Photo credit: Online Fabric Store.
How To Get Bulk Fabric For Face Masks
As I have already mentioned, if you have an organization of any kind, you should be the one responsible for the health and protection of your employees and your clients. If the largest organization you are “running” is your family, then you still have a few people to think about. In any case, resorting to buying bulk fabric face masks is the best thing you can do for the safety of the people you work or live with, as well as for your own safety.

Since this useful tool has only gained popularity in recent months, you still might not be aware of the places where you can buy fabric masks in bulk. These have proved to be rather useful and rather popular because they are reusable and they can, thus, last longer than the surgical ones you can buy in any drugstore you come across. It seems, however, that it is not that easy to get your hands on them, is it? This is because you still haven’t tried searching for them the right way.

No matter where you live, the best way to find fabric masks in bulk is to search the Internet. Every country in the world has experienced a temporary shortage of masks which has created some panic among people, but that has definitely changed once certain companies have started manufacturing fabric masks. As I was saying, no matter where you live, the Internet is your best friend when searching for this tool.

Open up your browser, type the right keywords, and watch what happens. In a matter of seconds, you will be presented with a huge number of relevant results. Your next step should be to open up at least a few websites and check out the products they are offering. Before choosing a supplier, you should do some research to check how reliable and trustworthy they are. Make sure that the supplier you choose ships to your region and feel free to place the order.

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