Sample Room, finally!

Over the weekend, I received my first-ever haul from Sample Room. If you're following me on Instagram and Twitter, then chances are, you've seen this photo on your timeline or my profile page.
Sample Room haul! My first ever! :)
I'm a late-bloomer to the Sample Room craze, I know. It's been all the rage for the past few months, and I'm joining the bandwagon just now. You see, my previous attempts at getting free samples were futile. (Yes, you heard me right. Free!) Samples run out very fast, and each time I try to grab one (or two) they're already out of stock! But luck was on my side this time, and I managed to snag these for my myself. Finally!

So what's inside my Sample Room haul?
First, there's Cure Natural Aqua Gel, which is said to be Japan's number one exfoliator. Seeing how "one bottle is sold every 12 seconds in Japan", then I guess this product must be really, really good. Sample size for this product is five sachets, for five days' use.

Next up is C-Lium Fibre in capsule form. After my Brand Ambassador stint with A-Life, I've gotten to know more about other Pascual Laboratories products, and C-Lium Fibre is one of them. I decided to give this product a try because I've heard good reviews about it, plus I have bathroom (and weight, lol) issues that I need to address. Haha! Sample size, by the way, is 60 capsules good for six days.

Of course, I'll be sharing my experience with these products here in my blog. That means more product reviews in the days to come. :)

Wanna try these products for yourself? Then join the Sample Room craze, too, and get them for FREE!


  1. You'll love Cure! I find that the C-Lium Husk works better for me compared to the capsule. :)

  2. I know the owner of sample room and all of their blogger ambassadors. i also go my first sample room product after holy week I'll pass on the opportunity of trying these products to others nalang since I get a lot of free samples myself without having to pay for shipping fee naman. Intrigued about cure as well.

  3. I think C-Lium Fiber really works because a stronger fiber system speeds up metabolism.

  4. I saw this pic on your twitter page,now I know the whole's nice.

  5. Once lang ako naka purchase from the Sample Room and I don't know why I didn't make another purchase since then. hehe. I have been hearing a lot about Cure since last year. can't wait for your detailed review on it.

  6. Wow! "Free sample junky" here as well :D
    Would like to say lucky you to earthlingorgeous for not paying shipping cost
    I'm trying CURE sample too.
    Good luck to us guys ;)

  7. Oh my! Where have I been all this time? I didn't even know about Sample Room?! >.< Anyway, you definitely got me at "free samples" so I'll try and join the Sample Room bandwagon soon :D Oh, and the Cure Natural Aqua Gel seems like an amazing product. I'll look more into it and hopefully get a sample too.

    The Purple Doll

  8. WOW never herd of them --sound like you got some nice things =)

  9. What's better than free samples?? Free samples you actually use!! How exciting for you! Enjoy!

  10. How is it so great besides the fact it's an exfoliator? Feel anything different yet? What's the texture like?

  11. If it's free, The Budget Diet girl will jump on that bandwagon too! Thanks for letting me know about another source for free samples.

  12. Really? Never heard of any of this stuff...I'm signing up right now!

  13. I guess I should join Sample Room too. Seems I've been missing out on a lot.

  14. Oh, I am interested! I will invite my friend to check this out too! Want my own samples for free.

  15. I love snagging free samples when I get a chance. :) Thank you for sharing.

  16. OMG! You're still lucky coz you got the Cure samples! I hope you make a review. :)

    I'm also a Sample Room member and I got the Celeteque moisturizing spray. I'll make a review soon. :)


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