Happy Meal, Happy Baby!

When Yue saw the latest Happy Meal commercial on TV the other day, I knew what was going to happen next.

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And so the inevitable happened the following day - a trip to the nearest McD's and three orders of Happy Meals.

Alvin and my Quarterpounder.
Because Yue wanted all three chipmunks at the same time. 

Simon and Theodore. (And a Mc Chicken meal plus two more Burger Mc Do meals.)
So that meant buying that much food even if it's just the two of us eating. (Plus my Quarterpounder, bought ala carte.) I have no qualms when it comes to these Happy Meal toys, because I'm actually a fan of them, too. I started collecting them when I was still in high school; all those toys are still very much intact and stored properly at my Mom's place. So imagine how much I have spent on Ronald McDonald all these years. It's a fortune, I tell you!

But they don't call it a Happy Meal for nothing. Just look at my little man.

Our favorite couch at McD's.
His face says it all. :)

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  1. I also Love Mc Donalds stuff, it tastes so delicious and the place is worth stepping in. Your litter master indeed looks happy and cute.

  2. ka-gwapo naman ni kiddo! i love happy meals at mcdo because of those toys! my daughter loves it, too! :)

    Visiting for Mommy Moments!

  3. I love collecting the happy meal for my daughter. that's a cute pictiure of you and your son.
    if you have time you can swing in my blog.

  4. that's one happy young man! :). My daughter goes gaga over happy meal toys herself! Well, I end up playing with those too. Anything that makes her happy makes me happier :)

  5. Right! They don't call it a Happy Meal for nothing :) Happiness indeed ^^ Congrats for being the first one to link up for Happiness Is... meme this week.

    Visiting you as host and participant. Here's my entry:

    Happiness Is

    Thanks again, and see you around!

  6. we have the toys too and they are cute :-) visiting you back.

  7. Hi Rachel!

    Thanks for stopping by. And for the compliment, too. :)

  8. Those chipmunks are really cute! My son loves Happy Meal toys, too, and I usually give in to his request. How can you say no when your kid becomes so sweet all of a sudden. LOL! Here's my MM entry:

  9. Hi Rarejonrez!

    It's a relief you're having an easy pregnancy. Enjoy the next few months, and stay healthy! :)

  10. Hi Travelentz!

    Thanks for the visit; returned the favor on your blog. :D

  11. Hi Pepper!

    Ditto on that. Their happiness would be enough for us. :)

    What I love about the Happy Meal toys are their quality and durability. They're able to withstand my son's destructive prowess. Haha! Even my old Happy Meal toys are still a-ok. So when you look at it this way, you do get your money's worth. ;)

  12. yay! thanks for sharing this! i think we need to go to the nearest McDo na hehehe!

  13. oh cool!!! love mcdo toys too! :) Thanks for sharing your toy with us! :)

  14. well, those chipmunks are really for collectibles.nice one!

  15. Visiting again this time from my food blog and pondering if I should buy my 5-year-old son these cute chipmunks later. I hope you can visit my FTF entry, too. Thanks!

  16. im back here again for CC naman :)

  17. Making our kids happy is a dream come true for any Mommy!

    Visiting from Happiness Is....
    Hope u can check on my entry, too.

  18. I love his smile. So priceless :) Visiting from MM :)

  19. Hi Cjai,

    Thanks for following me, i followed you back.

  20. Thanks Vhen!

    Visited your blogs already. :)

  21. Hi Krizza!

    Now following your blog. :D

  22. Hi March!

    Thanks for stopping by! :D

  23. Hi Ethan!

    It was my pleasure.

    Advanced happy birthday! :D

  24. i think we'll be doing the same thing this weekend, too...our three-year old is also a chipmunk's fan! lol.

  25. Have a great weekend, Mymy! :)

  26. Sweet and cute...Happiness is...

  27. Your son is so handsome! I like your moles by the way!

  28. Thanks Gen!

    Visited your blog. :)

  29. my kids love Mc Donalds, great toys too :-) visiting from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too

  30. all three toys in one meal?

    What a way to spoil a kid. I bet he's really really happy. :)

    And those chipmunks are worth collecting too.

  31. I like your son's spiky hair Sis :-) Visiting from Happiness is this time, hope that you cab return the visit too.

  32. Hi Ile!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah, I like spoiling my only son when it comes to stuff like that. :)

  33. Hi Jessy!

    You have the same Happy Meal toys din pala! I saw your post for Toy Stories. Hehe.

    Thanks for the visit! :D

  34. Oh my goodness : ) He sure does look happy! that is the best smile ever. LOVE it so much!

  35. Thanks Kaishon!

    And happy birthday to you! :)

  36. Right, it's not a happy meal for nothing. Haping-hapi ang little boy. Seeing the smile on our kids' face is truly what happiness is...

    visiting for what happiness is...

  37. my kids arent very interested with alvin and the chipmunks.. but we do have other toys from mcdonalds!

  38. My kids are in an Alvin & the Chipmunks kick right now too!


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